Grey & Black Water Sewage

buy 2bhk flat in bavdhan,real estate investment in puneWhat is Grey water and how is it different from Black Water?
Technically, Grey Water is any domestic used water that has low organic loading.
The main difference between Grey Water and Black Water (or sewage) is in the organic loading. Sewage has a much larger organic loading
Some people also categorise kitchen used water as Black Water because it has quite high organic loading relative to other sources of used water such as bath water.

How can Grey Water be used?
Pebbles II employs an advanced Sewage Treatment Plant for treating Grey Water. The facility is also operational using solar power. The system is safe from the health point of view and is not harmful to the environment.
After proper treatment, Grey Water can be used for laundry and toilet flushing as well as for garden irrigation. The water is rich in nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen making it an excellent food source for all plants.

How can Grey Water be used?
Reusing water does not diminish our quality of life; rather it can provide benefits on many levels.
Reducing the need for fresh water thereby significantly reducing house hold water bills and also the demand on public water supply.
Reducing the amount of wastewater entering sewers or on-site treatment systems.

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-Israelmore Ayivor

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